About Terence Woolley

Welcome. Allow me to introduce myself.

My name is Terence Woolley, commonly abridged to Terry.

I entered the world as part of the post war baby boom in a terraced house close to a gun factory in a working class area of Nottingham called the Meadows.

My parents and extended family were wonderful and my earliest childhood idyllic.

Such a blissful, carefree, innocent existence cannot last. It unhinged when I was taken to a place of formal education. My insatiable appetite for play and tendency to wander off on flights of wild fancy did not endear me to schoolteachers. They gave vent to their frustrations by administering occasional whacks, demanding that I stand facing a wall or outside the door, and sending me home with embarrassing school reports.

It was not a promising start but, as when plucked from the River Trent by my father seconds before drowning having paddled out too far at the age of four, I was extremely lucky.

With extra tuition paid for by my hard-working parents, at the age of eleven I scraped a place in the grammar stream of an experimental Bilateral School. Five years later, I scraped into the sixth form of a Grammar School from where I scraped onto a Trent Polytechnic business studies course.

Alas, eighteen years of education and the endeavours of numerous dedicated teachers had failed to rid me of my propensity to live in a world remote from reality. Having no more idea of where I was going at the end of it than I had at the start, I have to admit to a certain amount of dippiness.

Fortunately, what I lacked in sense was made up for by continued good luck.
My first job as Assistant Accountant was excruciating for all concerned but obscurely after a year I was promoted to head a Management Information team. Two years later I was even more obscurely hiked to Organisation and Methods.

Eventually, I landed in Computer Systems Development, which delivered two benefits. Firstly, computers do not suffer fools gladly and I was forced to take things a little more seriously. Secondly, being a sought after occupation, it gave me opportunity to travel and work in New Zealand.

My computing career ended in a castle in the air notion that I would create software that would be useful in schools. The software was created. No one bought it.

Since then I have given free rein to my imaginative impulses. Even during my dippiest moments I have always had a serious interest in literature. I hope this shows in my writing. My purpose is to tell stories that are absorbing, entertaining and thought provoking.
“Ailein” is set in ancient Britain at a time when the world is torn apart by feuding kings. Ailein, the young hero of the tale, is determined to shield his sweetheart from the rampages that surround them. But to do so he must break free of the tyranny of powerful warlords.

““What Buys a King’s Shilling?” is set during the Napoleonic wars. Joining the army at the age of seventeen, Joshua Kerry travels the world and after twenty years wishes to settle in India. Before doing so, he must return to England. He arrives in Nottingham, the town of his birth, on the day that a riot sparks the Luddite Rebellion. He has nephews amongst the rioters. His duty as a sergeant of the British Army is to uphold law and order. Drawn ever more deeply into the spiralling conflict, he doubts he will ever return to India.

My book “Oliver Hind and the 2nd Nottingham Company of the Boys’ Brigade” records the achievements of Oliver Watt Hind who set up an inspirational boys’ club that provided education and recreation for hundreds of the poorest children in Nottingham at the outset of the twentieth century.

I wish you well and happy reading
and may be contacted at email address: terencewoolley@terencewoolley.com